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    Application scenarios
    Our company has become the leader in the emergency industry.
    Solar street lamp
    Solar street lamp is a kind of street lamp that uses solar energy as energy source. Because it is not affected by power supply, it doesn't need ditching and burying. It doesn't consume conventional electric energy. As long as sunshine is enough, it can be installed on the spot.
    Solar flash lamp
    Flash lights are widely used, such as rural streets, bridges, highways and national highways;
    Solar mobile traffic display screen
    Large data analysis, different environments, automatically broadcast different traffic information, to remind the passing vehicles!
    Solar flash lamp
    Evacuation emergency lights and marker lights are important products required in fire safety measures. When an emergency occurs, it immediately provides reliable lighting and indicates the direction of the evacuation and the position of the emergency exit.


    Zhongshan Juhui Electronic Technology.,ltd is located in center of light-Zhongshan,Guangdong. Our company is a research and development,production,sales as one of the emergency solar energy accessories factory.

    It is established in 2013,with the professional production and scientific management system,our company has become the leading supplier in emergency.